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Al-Aqsa storm is the beginning of the approaching end of Israel's interim regime

Al-Aqsa storm is the beginning of the approaching end of Israel's interim regime

In this regard, all the nations of the region should see the freedom of Palestine and let the Al-Aqsa storm be the beginning of the end of the usurping Zionist regime.

to report «iusnews»; The offices of Islamic Associations of Independent Students of Iran's Khuzestan Province issued a statement regarding the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation of the Palestinian resistance.

Its text is as follows:

In the name of Allah, Al-Qasim Al-Jabareen

"Allah to those who fight because they are oppressors, and God is able to help them" (Qur'an)

From the beginning of the establishment of the usurping and occupying regime of Israel, this filth born of imperialism and Zionism in the region, started plundering and looting the property of Muslims and following the usurpation and confiscation of the first Qibla of Muslims, it destroyed the Holy Lands.

Undoubtedly, the oppressed people of Palestine, with a heart full of anger and hatred, looked at this hideous tumor in the region, which stole security from the hearts of every free person in the world.

However, with the desperate defeat of the Arabs in two inconclusive wars against Israel and the loss of more lands, the only hope of the Palestinians for the freedom of their lands was tied to the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution and Khomeini's great effort to form the resistance front.

Now today, resistance lines have taken root in the whole region with the strategy of Imam Khamenei (Mod Zaleh Al-Aali) and the name and memory of the Muslim nation shakes the body of the Zionist regime and the intellectual base of American imperialism all over the world.

"Al-Aqsa Storm" will become a lasting, obvious name and a masterpiece in strategic and military studies of the world. The operation that with the hearts and lives of resistance soldiers and generals in the entire region, set fire to the Zionist oppression and breathed new hope into the hearts of the Palestinian nation.

Undoubtedly, the speech of the supreme leader of the revolution, Imam Khamenei, who said: "Israel will not see the next 25 years..." was and is the same speech of resistance in the region and will continue until the destruction of this occupying regime with the help of God Almighty.

When our golden-shrouded Sardar introduced Sardar Soleimani, the founder of Israel, today and tomorrow he sincerely saw the youths of the resistance who were tearing the occupied lands and sending shock, horror and fear to the bodies and limbs of the angry people. God should be thanked for this masterpiece of "Maghamoun". May these victories continue.

At this time, it should be reminded of the difficult times that took place after the 33-day war with the victory of Lebanon's Hezbollah in the region, the masterpiece of resistance.

We, the revolutionary youth and independent students of Khuzestan province, following the demands of the leader of the Muslims of the world, Khamenei Kabir, see the future victory of the resistance front in the region by equipping the resistance groups with new weapons. We will pursue this demand to the end.

Today, when the Al-Aqsa storm has blown the faces of Israel's destruction, it should not stop us from our revolutionary mission. According to the great leader of the revolution, we are on the holy path of victory and we have come close to the peaks of victory in the whole world, and now is the turn of the victory of the Islamic nation. In this regard, there is no time for fatigue and today is the day of the fierce battle of truth against falsehood.

But it must be remembered that this cancerous tumor will undoubtedly look for water and fire to respond to the resistance, and because it cannot harm the Palestinian fighters, it will seek to harm the homeless people in occupied Palestine.

Such crimes, which are completely aligned with the history of this bloody usurper, will renew the pain in the hearts and souls of Muslims, but our revolutionary mission will not only be questioned by such crimes, but will also be intensified. Fatigue has no place in these sensitive steps near the peak, and this fatigue should be killed in your heart.

Today's victory of the Palestinian people and the resistance is meaningful only in the shadow of faith, trust and tirelessness, and this is only a small manifestation of the face of the resistance's mission.

Today, the body of arrogance and oppression in the region has been seriously damaged, and the steps of the enemies of Islam in the region have been broken with a long step of resistance. The revolutionary and organizational students of Khuzestan province, with the correct knowledge and understanding of their moments and insights, will shout with joy in unison with other Muslims of the world and declare their readiness to help the resistance front and help the dear Palestinian nation. .

In this regard, all the nations of the region should see the freedom of Palestine and let the Al-Aqsa storm be the beginning of the end of the usurping Zionist regime.

So they took the bounties and they were the wrongdoers (Quran)

Signatory Offices:

Islamic Association of Students of Jundishapor University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz

Islamic Association of Students of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

Islamic Association of Independent Students of Azad University of Ahvaz branch

Islamic Association of Independent Students of Dezful University of Medical Sciences

Islamic Association of Independent Students of Abadan University of Medical Sciences

Islamic Association of Independent Students of Azad University, Izeh Branch

Islamic Association of Independent Students of Khatam Al Anbia Behbahan University

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