2024-07-10 13:20
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Iraqi Resistance drones strike occupied Haifa

Iraqi Resistance drones strike occupied Haifa

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq struck a vital Israeli target in the occupied city of Haifa using a drone.

to report «iusnews»; Tehran -ISNA- In its statement, the Iraqi Resistance affirmed that this operation is part of its ongoing approach to resist the occupation and support Gaza, in response to the occupier's massacres in the Gaza Strip.

The Resistance also reiterated their commitment to striking "the enemy's strongholds."

This comes a mere two hours after the resistance also published footage of a drone being launched towards a vital target in Umm al-Rashrash (Eilat), in the south of occupied Palestine, which it announced at dawn today.

Later on Wednesday, the Iraqi Resistance's Military Media announced that the Resistance fired an unspecified number of drones at the Orot Rabin Power Plant, in Hadera, on the coast of occupied Palestine.

The plant is the largest power station operated by the occupation's government, providing the settler-colonial entity with around 2.59 GW of electricity. 

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