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Iranian student: Israel was defeated only by $300 rockets

Iranian student: Israel was defeated only by $300 rockets

Mohsen Ahmadlou: Despite all the staggering expenses that the Iron Dome has attracted, the empty hands of the believers were able to pass this barrier and reach their goals!

to report «iusnews»; Mohsen Ahmadlou, the secretary of the international unit of the student unity consolidation office, discussed the dimensions of the Al-Aqsa storm operation in a conversation with iusnews, which you will read below.

The events of the past few days in occupied Palestine were unprecedented for the resistance movement. Over the past few days, the resistance movement has once again demonstrated an objective manifestation of strengthening its hand of power against the Zionists with a wide and comprehensive combined operation against the Zionist invaders, which took place in cyberspace, ground operations, and missile operations.

Scenes that many considered impossible and unrealistic. Wounded, killed and captured a significant number of Zionists, the capture of a number of police stations and sensitive centers in towns and areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip by Palestinian resistance fighters is an example of the unprecedented nature of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

This operation can be examined and analyzed from several dimensions, some of which are mentioned:

1) Humiliating the Zionist regime in front of the eyes of the world and most importantly its allies is one of the most important messages of this operation. Once again, it has been proven that the various stories and stories that are raised about the invincibility of the occupying Al-Quds regime are nothing but myths and illusions, and this regime is in its weakest state; To such an extent that according to the films and videos that have emerged from the occupied territories in recent times, a number of Zionist citizens are fleeing to the desert or taking refuge in garbage bins. Issues that all evoke the fact that the cover of the Zionist regime has been broken in minds and reality. The perceptual failure of the Zionist regime will be the source of huge future changes.

2) This operation is a clear message to those who seek to normalize relations with the Zionist regime. What is happening in the occupied territories is the resolute response of the resistance forces to the crimes of Israel in the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque and a warning to those who compromise with this brutal regime. At a time when Arab and Islamic countries are seeking to normalize relations with the Zionists and are practically sacrificing the cause of Palestine for their own interests, the resistance groups have increased the cost of compromise for Riyadh with their operations.

In the end, Israel will die longing to reach the realm of the Nile to the Euphrates. The losers are those who gamble on the normalization of relations with the regime.

3) Today's failure of Israel, along with the failures of previous years, shows that what is going to ultimately determine this field is not money and financial power, not missiles and military power, not news and information power, but the power of faith and spirituality. !

Israel is made of failed rockets, most of which are made of sewer pipes! Israel has been forced to a truce against rockets that cost only 300 dollars to make!

The element of faith and belief is something that has given the upper hand to the axis of resistance for years. Despite all the staggering expenses that the Iron Dome has attracted, the empty hands of the believers were able to pass this barrier and reach their goals!

It is here that by congratulating the Islamic world on this sweet victory, it is necessary to re-emphasize and give good news to Muslims that:

"How many of the few have overcome the many by the permission of God, and God is with the patient; Perhaps a small group who, by the grace of God, won over a large group, and God is with the patient."

Manpower, technology, industry and other matters are tools and should be used, but the final planning is done in the divine system.

4) Another consequence of this operation was the separation and demarcation between the countries of the world in support of humanitarian and rights-based standards. While the Zionist regime has imposed all kinds of cruel behaviors and crimes on the people of Palestine and Gaza and usurped their land during the past seventy years, countries such as the United States, Germany and France continue to support that fake regime. And they even provide weapons and financial aid.

While the Islamic Republic of Iran considers it its duty to support the rights-seeking struggle of the oppressed Palestinians against the arrogant Zionist occupiers, as in the past. The resistance and intifada of the Palestinian people is undoubtedly influenced by the model and ideas of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and the government of the Islamic Republic clearly has supported it, but the struggles of the Palestinian people have existed since several decades before the Iranian revolution and will continue until the realization of their fundamental rights in the field of self-determination, independence, freedom and freedom from occupation. Rights that are recognized in all religions and international laws and customs.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the new Middle East is a Middle East from which the cancerous tumor has been removed. We should wait for a new wave of Islamic awakening in the region.

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