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Iran supports Palestinian-Palestinian agreement: FM Spox

Iran supports Palestinian-Palestinian agreement: FM Spox

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has said that his country supports a Palestinian-Palestinian agreement and the political will of the Palestinian people.

to report «iusnews»; Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has said that his country supports a Palestinian-Palestinian agreement and the political will of the Palestinian people.

Kanaani made the comment on Monday in an exclusive interview with IRNA as he paid a visit to the pavilion of the Islamic Republic News Agency during the 24th edition of the Iran Media Expo underway in Tehran.  

“The Islamic Republic of Iran unequivocally backs the political will of the Palestinian people and expects the international community to provide Palestine with the necessary political opportunities”, the spokesman said while criticizing the United States for its all-out support for the Israeli regime in its war on Gaza.

“The US’s all-out and armed support for the Zionist regime indicates that Washington is part of the war”, Kanaani said.

He described as shameful the recent move by the US Senate to approve $14 billion in aid to Israel, saying that the approval shows that Washington is complicit in war crimes and genocide against the Palestinian people.

“It is time for the warmongers in the US to hear the voices of their freedom-seeking people and stop supporting the occupying regime and allow the lifting of the blockade of Gaza,” the diplomat said.

He also urged the US to let the Palestinian people decide their political fate based on their inalienable and recognized rights in the international arena and within the framework of a Palestinian-Palestinian agreement and internal talks.

Kanaani also spoke about more than four months of war in Gaza, which he called a painful tragedy as the Israeli regime presses ahead with its genocide and war crimes against the Palestinians.

Despite all the killings and crimes in Gaza, the Israeli regime has accomplished none of its objectives declared at the beginning of the war, and this is an issue which all just and informed experts admit, the spokesman noted.

He added that war would bring no favorable results for the Israeli regime, as the Palestinian people have already shown that they would not leave their land despite all the hardships they face.

“The Palestinian nation will not allow the Zionist regime’s goals to materialize. War is a dead end for all the parties that back the Zionist regime. Everybody is witnessing that this war has not brought any achievement for the regime and will bring nothing for it. Today, [establishing] a ceasefire is a global demand”, the Iranian diplomat concluded. 

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