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Iran using all its diplomatic sway to halt Israeli war on Gaza: Spox

Iran using all its diplomatic sway to halt Israeli war on Gaza: Spox

Iran has used all its diplomatic power to halt the Israeli regime’s war against Gaza since the beginning of the crisis in the besieged territory, according to the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

to report «iusnews»; Iran has used all its diplomatic power to halt the Israeli regime’s war against Gaza since the beginning of the crisis in the besieged territory, according to the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Nasser Kanaani said Tehran believes that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) can play an active and impactful role concerning the crisis in Gaza.

Kanaani pointed out that Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, in a telephone conversation with the secretary general of the OIC, officially asked to host the second extraordinary session of the organization in Tehran.

He also pointed to a resolution sought by Algeria at the UN Security Council demanding an immediate truce in Gaza, lamenting that the US has already announced its opposition to the resolution and wants to prevent the Security Council from maintaining international peace and security by using its “veto” power.

“What is happening in Gaza is not only a blatant crime and genocide, but also a threat to international peace and security, and the international community and global assemblies must stop these actions,” he stated.

“We will continue our dialogues with neighboring and non-neighboring countries and these are only part of Iran’s efforts.”

Iran's relations with neighboring countries
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman termed the relations with the most border and neighboring countries as “very good and dynamic”.

In light of the growing ties in the field of economy, trade interactions is developing with the various countries including neighboring, regional, and distant states, Kanaani said.

"Maximizing regional, multilateral mechanisms is considered one of the outcomes of the Iranian foreign policy."

Membership in some important mechanisms, including BRICS, expanding ties with the Eurasian Economic Union, and signing comprehensive long-term plans with some countries shows that the country is dynamic in boosting its trade and political relations, he underlined.

Due to the wise guidance of the leadership and based on the Iranian government's attention on expanding relations with neighboring countries and Asia, and establishing dynamic and balanced relations with different countries, Iran has seen significant prosperity in the development of its relations, Kanaani noted.

The Iranian administration has taken the development of economy-oriented relations seriously, he said, noting that Iran will pursue this issue.

Strengthening security ties between Iran, Iraq
Regarding strengthening relations and security cooperation between Iran and Iraq, Kanaani said that relations between Iran and Iraq are in their best condition and the two neighboring countries have extensive cooperation in various fields.

Kanaani said that the security agreement is one of the security collaborations between the two sides, adding that great steps have been taken in this direction, and the executive committee of the two sides is active,.

Iran believes presence of foreign forces in Iraq does not help the security of Iraq, and Tehran is basically against the presence of foreign forces in the region, he said. 

He added that foreigners' presence disturb the security of the region.

ICJ’s commitment being ‘seriously tested’: Kanaani
On South Africa’s request to add new orders to its complaint in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tehran believes that the court is being “seriously tested” as to how it will fulfill its responsibility.

“The order issued by the court laid a serious responsibility on the occupying regime to stop all its criminal actions,” he said.

“Regarding South Africa’s second complaint, the court’s view is that the initial order is sufficient. We expect the court to be serious concerning the initial order, consider the regime responsible, and complete its initial action with additional steps. This is the expectation of the nations of the world.”

Kanaani further said Iran backs the set of legal actions taken by other countries to prosecute the Zionist regime, including the African Union’s summit on Sunday which called for an immediate end to the crimes of the regime.

“The regime must answer for nearly five months of crimes against the oppressed nation,” he asserted. “US actions to save the regime are ongoing. the US has shown that it is an essential partner committing crimes, and without US support, the regime has no ability to manage the war.”

‘Nukes have no place in Iran's defense doctrine’
In reaction to some remarks made by the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi, he said that the Agency’s 15 reports state that Iran's nuclear activities are peaceful and carried out within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement.

Iran will continue its program within the framework of its obligations, Kanaani said, adding that Iran’s stance on this issue is clear-cut.

Nuclear weapons have no place in Iran's defense doctrine, he said, advising the IAEA chief to refrain from making politicized comments. 

Umrah Hajj for Iranians not called off yet
Commenting on this year’s Umrah Hajj, Kanaani said, “Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan had emphasized that the current issue is a technical problem between the Civil Aviation Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Arab country.”

The negotiations on the issue have been prolonged, he said, adding that the Iranian Foreign Ministry has followed up on the matter.

The two countries’ foreign ministers have exchanged views on the pilgrimage, the official added.

He voiced the hope that the issue would be resolved as soon as possible.

"The tiny gulf created between both sides does not mean the ritual has been called off this year."

Ceasefire in Gaza a world demand
Regarding a ceasefire in Gaza, Kanaani said the establishment of a ceasefire has become a world demand.

Most countries and nations of the world demand an immediate truce and a stop of crimes of the Zionist regime, he said, and added that the regime does not want to stop the attacks due to the failure to achieve its goals.

The Zionist regime and its prime minister seek their interests in fueling creating insecurity in the region, he said, adding that the US also showed that it is the only country that supports the continuation of the war.

This Iranian diplomat also said that Iran emphasizes the necessity of an immediate end to the crimes of the regime in diplomatic visits with the authorities of other countries, and does not accept tying the issue of ceasefire to the issue of post-Gaza issues, because it believe this issue is only the Palestinians' business.

Kanaani condemned killing of journalists during the 4.5 months of the war, saying that this issue shows how the regime is worried about facts being published.

Iran urges help for Afghanistan
Elsewhere in his presser, Kanaani said Iran underscores the need for the help of all countries and international organizations to improve the conditions of peace, stability and security in Afghanistan and create better conditions for the people of that country.

He said Iran has used regional and international mechanisms in this regard, and its presence in a recent Afghanistan meeting manifested the country’s principled approach.

“We believe that the United Nations and regional mechanisms must help Afghanistan so that we witness the consolidation of stability and better political and security conditions in that country,” he maintained.

‘We are concerned about Munich Conference fate ’
On the recent meeting of the Munich Security Conference, the spokesman said Iran is definitely concerned about the conference and the goals of its founders, given that the organizers of the conference are moving against the goals set by the founders and are turning it into a place to propagate their own views.

He added that inviting those whose criminal records are laid bare before the eyes of the people of the world shows that the organizers are on the wrong track. “We are concerned about the fate of this conference,” he reiterated.

“I wish instead of inviting the criminal officials of the Zionist regime, who have been recognized as criminals by the International Court of Justice, they would have invited the true Palestinian representatives and paid real attention to the fact that the cause of regional instabilities is the occupation and the Gaza war.”

Issues on Arash Gas Field

Regarding the continued claims on the Arash Gas Field, Kanaani said that Iran is making efforts to advocate the rights of Iranians.

Bringing up the legal and technical issue by the Kuwaiti officials will not create any rights for the country that has raised the issue, he said.

Iran considers the continued talks by the legal delegations of the two countries as the best solution in this regard, he underscored. 

US-UK attacks on Yemen 

Regarding the UK-US attacks against Yemen, he said that what the countries’ administrations have carried out is considered as the violation of the sovereignty of an independent and member state of the United Nations.

It is a flagrant act of aggression and adventure, he stated. 

The illegal actions show that the countries do not heed the international law and mechanism, he added.

"The two countries claim that they do not seek to spread the war, while the two states are spreading the war from Palestine to other places."

“Their claims are false,” he said. “What is happening in the Red Sea is caused by the conditions that are going on in Gaza.”

Iran has expressed its transparent position on the issue, he further noted.

Goods produced by Zionist regimes banned in Iran 
In his remarks, Kanaani added that Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is obliged to identify the companies and goods that are affiliated with the Zionist regime and the latest updated list has been submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade.

Regarding the recent developments in Iran's nuclear issue, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that the 15 reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency have shown that Iran's activities are peaceful, and those who falsely present Iran's nuclear activities as a threat often have  nuclear arsenals that are outside the agency's supervision and control.

Ukraine war
Those who accuse Iran of exporting weapons to one side of the Ukrainian war know very well that Iran believes in a political solution from the beginning and unlike Iran, the US and European countries benefit from the continuation of the war, Kanaani said, adding that those who have claims against Iran were against the political solution to end the war in Ukraine and that Tehran rejects the statement by G7.

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