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Buy the German Zapiamax knee brace from Behtab

Buy the German Zapiamax knee brace from Behtab

Zapiamax knee brace consists of several layers of fabric with a special type of hypoallergenic and anti-sweating fibers, which accommodates UIC equipment inside. The design of this knee brace is such that adhesives are installed on its outer edges to adapt to any size.

to report «iusnews»; You can get this product in several ways from Zapiamax knee brace agent in Iran. The safest way to buy Zapiamax online is from a reliable online store. This online store is the official representative of Zeiss Tronic, Germany, and for this reason, it will guarantee Zapiamax knee brace for one year.

In addition to offering a quality and guaranteed product, Behtab online store has created a condition for buyers with free shipping and payment at their doorsteps, which can be purchased in the shortest possible time. Also, online purchase of Zapiamax knee brace from Behtab Online will provide after-sales service and pre-purchase consultation to buyers so that they can confidently purchase UIC Zapiamax knee brace.

Zapiamax knee brace function and specifications

Zapiamax knee brace consists of several layers of fabric with a special type of hypoallergenic and anti-sweating fibers, which accommodates UIC equipment inside. The design of this knee brace is such that adhesives are installed on its outer edges to adapt to any size. Therefore, it must be said that Zapiamax knee brace can be used by all family members.

Zapiamax knee brace is connected to household electricity through the cable and small adapter it comes with. Due to the fact that it must be connected to the electricity, the knee must be completely flat and stable when using it, and it is not possible to walk.

Zapiamax knee brace features

In the Zapiamax knee brace, the UIC technology is the same brilliant and ultra-advanced three-part technology that is used in the field of physiotherapy.

These three technologies are: ultrasound, infrared and clock pulse, with their effect on the knee organs, they have an undeniable and undeniable role in fixing all kinds of knee injuries.

Ultrasound and its therapeutic effect

By radiating sound waves and creating interactions in the injured limb, ultrasound in the Zapiamax knee brace significantly reduces the process of sending pain signals through nerve fibers to the central nervous system, thus relieving knee pain and reducing inflammation in the injured area. He kneels.

The importance of infrared zapimax in the treatment of the knee

The infrared feature in the Zapiamax knee brace can be defined as that by creating balanced heat deep in the damaged tissues, it increases blood circulation in those organs and enriches the blood flow with oxygen. When blood circulation in the knee increases, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the damaged tissue. The transfer process of oxygen and nutrients carried out by infrared or infrared technology will play an incredible role in improving the movement function of the knee, strengthening and repairing the damaged area.

Clock pulse and relieve spasm and knee pain

The way ClockPulse technology works is that it sends electrical pulses to the knee organs to massage and gently vibrate the damaged tissue. This electrical process not only helps to relax the knee muscles, but also focuses on relieving pain and relieving muscle spasms. Clock pulse often has a great effect in relieving and treating severe knee pain at home, such as surgical pain, knee patella bone fracture and other pains of this important joint.

The price of Zapiamax knee brace

The price of Zapiamax knee brace is 2,960,000 Tomans, which is very cheap and affordable considering the technologies used in it and the quick time to treat and get rid of knee pain.

Buy the German Zapiamax knee brace from Behtab

Considering that Behtab online store is the official representative of the original Zapiamax medical knee brace, the price offered in it is accurate and much more suitable compared to the price of Zapiamax knee brace that is sold in Digikala. Because our product is sent with the registry card and the original serial number.

The cost of treating arthritis and other knee problems is so high that most patients refuse to continue the treatment process. But Zapiamax has a reasonable price that can be paid by people with different financial levels. Of course, some buyers have overestimated the price of Zapiamax at first glance. But when they used this product, they realized how high quality and effective it is.

​What are the advantages of buying Zapiamax knee brace?

Considering that UIC technology is used in Zapiamax knee brace, we can say that this product has many advantages. Some of the most important benefits of Zapiamax, which are also confirmed by users, are:

Reasonable price for Zapiamax knee brace

  • Postponing knee surgery

  • Treating the knee without risks and complications, as well as saving the patient's time due to convenient use at home

  • Free shipping and cash on delivery

  • Ability to use Zapiamax along with other treatment methods

  • Can be used for all kinds of knee problems

  • Treatment of knee pain with a non-invasive but effective method

  • Treatment of knee pain at home

  • Positive effect on the body, unlike chemical drugs

Comparison of Zapiamax knee brace with Spillavizer knee brace

In the review of Zapiamax and Spilaviser knee braces, according to the purchase and satisfaction of customers who used both of these products, Zapiamax knee brace has obtained a higher customer satisfaction score, and on average, it can be said that Zapiamax knee brace is for local knee pain, pain caused by knee arthritis, knee pain It has been very effective after being hit or bruised.

Also, the technology of ultrasound, infrared and clock pulse in the Zapiamax knee brace is very effective in reducing pain, while the Spillavizer knee brace only has ultrasound, and in this case it works much weaker than Zapiamax.

The safety of Zapiamax knee brace

The reason why Zapiamax is safe is that it uses completely safe technologies. For example, ultrasound is the same technology that is used in fetal ultrasound machines. Infrared has been introduced as the safest and best technology in the world. Also, the clock pulse will only create small massages in the muscles. For this reason, it does not have any side effects. On the other hand, Zapiamax anti-perspirant and hypoallergenic fabric and its material are of high quality and standard.

Original Zapiamax knee brace connection from counterfeit: the difference between cable and socket

Unfortunately, these days medical products are not safe from the shooters of fraudsters; The original Zapiamax knee brace, which has been recognized as one of the best types of knee braces due to its successful performance and customer satisfaction, has been abused by profiteers. So, there are many counterfeit products in the market that have the same features as the original Zapiamax knee brace in terms of appearance, but have nothing in common with it in terms of functionality. However, profiteers have not been able to copy the brand name embedded in two parts of this product.

The main manufacturer of Zapiamax knee brace product named Zystronic, which is active in Germany, has engraved on the product to prevent any abuse. The brand name (zaistronic) is engraved on the cable, and the knee band technology (UIC) and the brand name (zaistronic) are engraved on the socket head. It is true that fraudsters may try to copy the name and logo of the company. But in general, by considering this issue, you will recognize a large part of the fake market products. However, in order to be completely sure that you have not been misled in buying Zapiamax, it is better to purchase the product only through the company's representatives. In fact, buying from the official representatives of Zaystronic, in addition to ensuring that you have purchased the original product, has the benefit of after-sales service and product warranty.


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