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Best Way To Send Gift To Iran From Abroad

Best Way To Send Gift To Iran From Abroad

Gift giving is one of the best ways to show love towards some who is so special in your life. A beautiful language that is involved with feelings like affection and care. When you’re buying a gift for a person, it’s not only the money that you’re spending. You are actually spending your time, attention and love for this dear person.

 to report «iusnews»;  Living in another country, away from your homeland, family and friends has its own concerns. Missing those you love, the city you were born in, the neighborhood that you grew up in and also missing special occasions that you used to celebrate beside your family and loved ones. You wish that somehow you were able to send gift to Iran from afar for them to show that they are still important for you.

Gift giving is one of the best ways to show love towards some who is so special in your life. A beautiful language that is involved with feelings like affection and care. When you’re buying a gift for a person, it’s not only the money that you’re spending. You are actually spending your time, attention and love for this dear person.

In the past, people used to send gifts to each other through post companies. They took the gift to a post office and wished luck for the package to be delivered safe and sound and also soon. Based on the distance between the cities, countries and continents, the delivery time was vary between a few weeks to several months! Using post system is still common for sending gifts too and it still has its own problems. Damaging the parcel or losing it and taking a long time for being delivered are the disadvantages for using the post system for sending a gift to another country.

In the age of modern technology and internet, when everything and everyone are somehow connected and related to each other, there’s a better way than posting for sending gifts from afar. Online gift shops and gift delivery services are now the easiest and best way for sending a gift for your loved ones from anywhere you are. It is not only the gift that you can send by these online gift services, because you can use online gift shops for various purposes.

Sending Flower

Flower is a perfect choice for congratulating any occasion. Birthday, mother’s day or father’s day, Nowruz, new baby or to say “Get Well Soon”. Sending a beautiful bouquet that is filled with fresh and colorful flowers, is a great idea for all of these events and occasions. It is true that you can’t post fresh flowers to your loved ones to another country. But it can be done in less than a few hours thanks to the online gift shops flower delivery services.

Sending Cake

Cake is a great option for sending as a gift. A tasty and super delicious gift that will make the recipient very happy and surprised. Sending cake is a perfect choice for congratulating someone on his or her birthday. It is obvious that there’s no way to post a whipped cream layer cake to anywhere but you can order and send the most beautiful and most tasty cake in your recipient’s town by just a few clicks!

Good Online Gift Shop Features

An online gift shop for sending gift to Iran, has to have some important features. Being reliable is the most important one. The recipient should receive the exact same product that the sender chose on the gift website. It should have the same shape and size and also it should have the promised quality too. Because receiving the best service with the best quality with fair price is what brings trust and loyalty of the customers for every single business.

Responsiveness and responsibility are other important factors for a good online gift shop. The target society of online gift shops are the people who are living in abroad. So they won’t be able to supervise the quality of the service that their recipient will receive. The online gift shop should be responsible for the service they present to the customers. Also because of the time difference between countries, a good online gift shop has to have a 24 hour support team that can be responsive to the customer requests and questions day and night.

What is the best online gift shop for sending gift to Iran?

As we mentioned, being reliable and responsive are the most important features for a good online gift shop. One of the best ones that has these two important factors and you can check their services is SendGiftToIran.com. This website has wide variety of products and there are many options for different tastes and ages. Also placing order in this online gift shop is really simple and there will be no confusion for the user since everything is right in front of you.

  • Sending flower to Iran is one of the services in SendGiftToIran online gift shop. They have unique and beautiful models such as unique flower boxes. If you’re looking for a special flower to surprise your loved ones in Iran, you can choose their eternal rose. These roses are real flowers and they will keep their beauty and freshness for more than A YEAR!

  • Providing desired and requesting gifts of the customers is another great service in this website. From a tiny gift to even furniture! If you are looking for a specific gift and you were not successful to find it anywhere, you can just ask the support team on WhatsApp or website to find this gift for you. They will come back to you very soon with several models and options so that you can choose your favorite model easily.

  • Sending cake to Iran is another great service that you can find in this website. This online gift shop works with the most famous and prominent confectionaries and pastry shops in Iran. It means you can be sure the cake or pastry you’re buying from here, has excellent taste and quality and it is made by the best place in town! You can even ask them to send you other cake models or order them a customized cake like photograph cake. The website support team will send you dozens of beautiful and new cake models. Fondant, whipped cream, ice cream cake, tart, pie or even diet ones. Anything you want will be provided so fast from the best places!

  • Another important service that this website presents is sending money to Iran. There are many Iranians who are living in abroad away from their family. They look for an easy, fast and reliable way to send a gift card or to transfer money to Iran for their loved ones. Featuring lower fees, using prominent international gateways, being fast and also reliable are the features of money transferring service in this website.

  • One of the good services in this website is sending food to Iran. You can order from the best and most famous restaurants of your recipient’s city in Iran through SendGiftToIran website and surprise loved ones by a super tasty food on a special occasion. Fast food, pizza, Italian or Persian. Just name the food type and again you have plenty of options to choose for sending food for your family and friends and say “It’s On Me!”

  • Customer satisfaction is the most important goal for this website. Their support team is going to be beside you from the beginning until delivering your gift to the recipient. If you want to make a change to the order, adding or omitting, asking questions, requesting photo of the order and so on. They are ready to help 24/7. Because they really care about customer satisfaction.


No matter how far you are from your loved ones, you will never forget them. You want to remind them that you care about them a lot and the distances between you and them can’t fade their love away from your heart. Sending a beautiful gift, a flower bouquet or a tasty cake through an online gift shop like SendGiftToIran website, can be a sign of the love you have for them. No matter how many kilometers you are away, let a present deliver your love to the one who is so close to you, the one who is in your heart!

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