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KRG Urged to Avert Hostile Moves against Iran

KRG Urged to Avert Hostile Moves against Iran

Describing Iran as a staunch supporter and friend of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in difficulty, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called on Erbil to prevent the Israeli regime and other anti-Iranian elements from using the Kurdistan region’s soil against the Islamic Republic.

to report «iusnews»; Iran’s relations with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are based on historical, national, religious and cultural ties, Raisi said in a meeting with KRG President Nechervan Barzani, held in Tehran on Monday.

 Expressing hope that the trip would be a turning point in improving the political, security, economic and cultural relations between Tehran and Erbil, Raisi said Iran has always favored a strong Iraq and the strengthening of unity and cohesion within the framework of a united Iraq.  

"Iran's support for the Kurds, whether during the Saddam regime, the Halabja massacre, or the ISIS attack, proves that Iran is a great support and friend in the difficult days of Iraq and Kurdistan,” he added.

 Raisi noted that the government and people of Iran regard the security of Iraq as their own security, adding, "We are confident in the goodwill and friendship of our Iraqi and Kurdish brothers, but considering the hatred of the enemies, including the Zionist regime, against the Iranian nation, we expect the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan region to absolutely prevent any abuse of the soil of this region against Iran by the elements of the Zionist enemy and anti-revolutionary elements."

 Appreciating the KRG and Iraq for implementing the provisions of the security agreement with Iran, President Raisi said, "Complete disarmament and the absence of anti-revolutionary elements in Iraqi territory is a necessity."

 "Iran sees no obstacle for the development of economic cooperation and trade relations with the Kurdistan Region. We consider the long borders between the two sides as a valuable opportunity to improve the level of relations, but security is the essential foundation of any kind of cooperation and expansion of interactions," Raisi added, his official website reported.

 For his part, Barzani said the religious, historical and cultural commonalities, during many years of neighborliness, have created deep bonds between the two sides.  Hailing Iran as a friend of hard times and a country that has always stood by Iraq and the Kurdistan region, Barzani paid tribute to late Iranian commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani for his role in ensuring the security of the Kurdistan Region.  

"The foundation of the new Iraq and today's relations between Iran and Iraq are the result of the auspicious cooperation between Iran and Iraq, and therefore Iran is not just a neighbor for us. If it were not for the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic, it would not be known what the fate of the Kurdish movement would be today. Respecting these collaborations and interactions is a red line that we will never cross,” he underscored.

 "Our expectation from Iran is that it will continue to be by our side to solve the problems in Iraq and build a prosperous and advanced country. Our past relations are proud and our efforts are to build a brighter and better future than the past," he stated.  "No common sense allows us to prefer relations with a regime that is in its worst position today over a powerful and friendly country," Barzani stated, calling for the full implementation of the Iran-Iraq security agreement.

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