2024-06-13 17:29
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US , Ukraine agree to 10-year security pact

US , Ukraine agree to 10-year security pact

The United States and Ukraine have agreed to a 10-year security agreement that will provide Kyiv with long-term military assistance, according to a senior Biden administration official.

to report «iusnews»; National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan called the deal a "milestone" in relations between the US and Ukraine, which is locked in a war with Russia, News Week reports.

The agreement is a real marker of our commitment, not just for this month, this year, but for many years ahead, to continue to support Ukraine, both in defending against Russia , Sullivan said on a call with reporters at the Group of Seven nations summit in southern Italy.

The security agreement commits the US to provide Ukraine with military assistance for the next decade, including continued military training, defense industry and intelligence cooperation.

But the deal does not commit the US to send troops to Ukraine to defend it in the event of a future attack.President Joe Biden has said repeatedly since Russia started Ukraine operation in February, 2022 that he would not send US troops to fight in the war.

NATO members are committed to defending each other if a country in the alliance is attacked. Ukraine is seeking to join NATO but the Biden administration has signaled that's unlikely until after the war with Russia is over.

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